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New release : PG4WP 1.2.2

PG4WP 1.2.0 had a bug that caused WordPress paging to not work, so it’s time for PG4WP 1.2.2 to come out !

This new release corrects this problem.

Also included are some code reorganising (for easier testing of the SQL rewriting code), and some changes to the install/upgrade handling code mainly for WPMU support.

Please note that WPMU does not work yet with PG4WP, but I still intend to get it working if it is possible.

Note : 1.2.1 had a regression so it shouldn’t be used at all.

Download : PG4WP 1.2.2

3 commentaires

  1. David dit :

    First, thanks very much for this plugin!

    I just did a brand new installation and wanted to report a small problem I noticed.

    For some reason the WP people capitalize a few columns in the WP schema.
    (See wp-admin/includes/schema.php)

    When my DB was created, the columns comments.comment_ID and comments.comment_author_ID were properly capitalized.
    For some strange reason, the comments.comment_author_IP was created with a lowercase column name.

    This broke the display of author IP addresses on the wp-admin/edit-comments.php page.
    I had to manually rename the column, which fixed things.

    I’m using postgres 9.0.4 and wordpress connects through pgpool-II version 3.1

    Hope this helps someone out!

  2. Alidson Leite Caires dit :

    how do I change the schema, because I can not in public.

  3. Rohde Fischer dit :

    Just upgraded to WP 3.3, which worked like a charm. Good work :) Keep it up