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PG4WP 1.3.0b1

I’ve just tagged PG4WP 1.3.0b1.

This version integrates support for PostgreSQL 9.1+ and WPMU (not much tested though) and works with WordPress up to version 3.3.2.

As a development version it has error logging enabled by default (`PG4WP_LOG_ERRORS` in `db.php`).

If you happen to test it, please file a report (even on success) by commenting on this post indicating your versions (WordPress, PostgreSQL, maybe PHP too) and your installation type (upgrade from existing WP+PG4WP, fresh install).
WPMU users, please indicate if you tried `sub-domain` or `sub-directory` setup.

You can download PG4WP 1.3.0b1 from the developers page in the directory plugins (under `other versions`) :