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PG4WP 1.3.1 released

PG4WP didn’t get any release for a very long time.

I recently had requests from users who wanted me to update it for WP 3.9 compatibility and some of them even sent me code to correct the problems.

So here is PG4WP 1.3.1 which seems to work ok with WP 3.9.2 (the latest stable release at time of this writing).

I integrated the corrections from Vitorio DELAGE’s article on his blog.

Please note I don’t have enough time to make complete testing, I just tested direct upgrade from WP 3.4 to 3.9.2 and it worked smoothly.

If you intend to use this new version don’t forget to :
1) Backup your database and data (at least the `wp-content` directory)
2) Update PG4WP
3) Update your WordPress installation

If you activate SQL error logging in PG4WP you will notice many errors about running ‘SELECT @@SESSION.sql_mode’.
This is not harmful and you can ignore them.

Hopefully I’ll get some time to work again on PG4WP some time after WP 4 is released, stay tuned.

As always you can get the latest PG4WP release from the WordPress plugin directory