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I discovered WordPress in the beginning of 2008, when I had to set up a Blog for a customer.

Using almost exclusively PostgreSQL in my developments, and not wishing to have it installed with MySQL on a server (and absolutely not on my dev station ;) ), I’ve done some searches and worked on making a compatible version( WordPress was version 2.5).

After some days of work, I had a working setup on PostgreSQL (installing and working OK), so I could work on creating the theme for my customer without installing MySQL.

This initial code is based on usleepless’ « mysql2pgsql.php » that I found in a forum while searching (I lost references, sorry).

Working on a new project, I discovered that WordPress recently published version 2.8, and I wanted to check if my patch could work again.

Quite surprisingly, I hadn’t to make much changes to have my patch work on this new version (in fact, changes concerned only the hooks to place in the right files).

Then I decided to make a plugin that would work completely and could be used for a real blog on a day by day basis, and here comes PG4WP.