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Archives des articles taggés PG4WP

PG4WP 1.3.0 released !

WordPress 3.4 was officially released yesterday, so here is PG4WP 1.3.0 ! PG4WP 1.3.0 is mainly aimed at PostgreSQL 9.1+ compatibility, but there are also some improvements on data import (to ease migration from a MySQL setup) and WPMU support (not much tested though). I’ve run a bunch of tests over different version of WP […]

PG4WP 1.3.0b1

I’ve just tagged PG4WP 1.3.0b1. This version integrates support for PostgreSQL 9.1+ and WPMU (not much tested though) and works with WordPress up to version 3.3.2. As a development version it has error logging enabled by default (`PG4WP_LOG_ERRORS` in `db.php`). If you happen to test it, please file a report (even on success) by commenting […]

PG4WP is not dead yet :-)

So much time since my last post ! I apologize to all of you who sent me messages I didn’t answer. I’ve had much work in the last months and mainly off the Net, but I’m back on track and already started to enhance PG4WP to correct some bugs and add new features. If you […]

PG4WP compatibility with PostgreSQL 9.1+

PostgreSQL 9.1 introduces a change in the default value for the « standard_conforming_strings » parameter. When this parameter is « on » (which is the new default), PostgreSQL will stop accepting the backslash character for escaping single quote in strings. For now, if you want to use WordPress/PG4WP with any version of PostgreSQL starting with 9.1, you’ll need to […]

New release : PG4WP 1.2.2

PG4WP 1.2.0 had a bug that caused WordPress paging to not work, so it’s time for PG4WP 1.2.2 to come out ! This new release corrects this problem. Also included are some code reorganising (for easier testing of the SQL rewriting code), and some changes to the install/upgrade handling code mainly for WPMU support. Please […]

PG4WP and WordPress Multisite (aka WPMU)

Since version 3.0, WordPress integrated multisite code into its core code, so I’ve recently tested setting up a network of sites on a dev environment. Not so surprisingly it didn’t work, but the generated errors showed that it shouldn’t be very difficult to get it working. WPMU will require code reorganisation, and enhanced support for […]

PG4WP 1.2.0 released !

PG4WP 1.2.0 is finally out ! This version has been tested with WordPress 3.2.1 and works OK. It should also work with WP 2.9.2 (tested during development phase), and probably older versions as well (but untested). If you are using an older version of PG4WP and want to upgrade, don’t forget to make a complete […]

Time for a release candidate (PG4WP 1.2.0rc)

I’ve juste tagged PG4WP version 1.2.0rc, which after complete testing should become the next stable version of PG4WP. PG4WP 1.2.0b1 had a few regressions that caused some WordPress features to not work properly. This new release fixes them and improve installation so that WordPress can now tell you if your login/password is wrong. Here is […]

PG4WP 1.2.0b1 (Beta release)

I’ve just tagged PG4WP version 1.2.0b1 in order to ease testing. You can download it from This version should work with WordPress up to version 3.2.1 and includes  some improvements to generic plugins support. Please note : if upgrading you should overwrite your ‘db.php’ with the one from the ‘pg4wp’ directory as it was […]

Some good news about PG4WP

First of all, I must apologize for not giving any news about PG4WP for a so long time … I finally came back to PG4WP development, and already integrated a bunch of updates in the development release (which you can download from ). If your wordpress is currently running version 2.9.2 with PG4WP 1.1.0 […]