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PG4WP 1.3.0 released !

WordPress 3.4 was officially released yesterday, so here is PG4WP 1.3.0 ! PG4WP 1.3.0 is mainly aimed at PostgreSQL 9.1+ compatibility, but there are also some improvements on data import (to ease migration from a MySQL setup) and WPMU support (not much tested though). I’ve run a bunch of tests over different version of WP […]

PG4WP Ready for WordPress 3.4

WP 3.4RC1 was released recently, so I’ve run a bunch of tests (mainly setting a fresh install of WordPress and importing this blog into it) and everything seems to go well. I’ll wait for WP 3.4 to be released before tagging PG4WP version 1.3.0, if you happen to run tests yourself please post a feedback.

New release : PG4WP 1.2.2

PG4WP 1.2.0 had a bug that caused WordPress paging to not work, so it’s time for PG4WP 1.2.2 to come out ! This new release corrects this problem. Also included are some code reorganising (for easier testing of the SQL rewriting code), and some changes to the install/upgrade handling code mainly for WPMU support. Please […]

PG4WP 1.2.0 released !

PG4WP 1.2.0 is finally out ! This version has been tested with WordPress 3.2.1 and works OK. It should also work with WP 2.9.2 (tested during development phase), and probably older versions as well (but untested). If you are using an older version of PG4WP and want to upgrade, don’t forget to make a complete […]

PG4WP 1.1.0 is out with WP 2.9.2 support

Yes ! I’ve just released PG4WP 1.1.0, and it is the official release having support for WordPress 2.9.x series Many thanks to all of you who tested the development releases and gave me feedback and patches to make PG4WP better. There are still some annoying problems (read more here), but they are in the TODO […]

[Update] PG4WP 1.1.0rc3

PGP4WP 1.1.0rc3 is out, integrating some patches transmited by Boris HUISGEN (many thanks to him). I tagged this release as stable, but it still needs testing before I remove the ‘rc’ status. See the changelog if you want to know what has changed. Please vote in the plugin directory if it works for you. [Update] […]

[Update] PG4WP 1.1.0rc2

Time for some news about PG4WP. Hawkix Blog is now running WordPress 2.9.1 using PG4WP 1.1.0rc2 I’ve tagged a 1.1.0rc2 release because I didn’t get much feedback until now. ‘RC’ means it is a Release Candidate, I feel confident about it being stable enough for production use, but it still needs testing. Please note : […]

PG4WP 1.0.2, pas encore pour WP 2.9.x|PG4WP 1.0.2, not yet for WP 2.9.x

[lang_fr]Les plus attentifs d’entre vous auront peut-être remarqué la sortie successive de 2 nouvelles version de PG4WP (1.0.1 puis 1.0.2). Notez que ces nouvelles versions ne sont pas adaptées au fonctionnement avec WordPress 2.9.x, il s’agit simplement de petites modifications portant sur l’organisation des fichiers et de petites améliorations. Voici la liste des changements : […]

Sortie prochaine de PG4WP 1.1.0|PG4WP 1.1.0 will be out in a few weeks

[lang_fr]Le temps peut passer très vite si l’on n’y prend garde … La sortie récente de WordPress 2.9 semble avoir rompu la compatibilité avec PG4WP 1.0.0, ce qui n’est pas vraiment une surprise. Bien que je surveille les sorties de nouvelles versions de WordPress, je prévois d’attendre quelques jours après la sortie de la version […]

PG4WP 1.0.0

[lang_fr]Oui ! PostgreSQL pour WordPress 1.0.0 est sorti Cela signifie que j’estime qu’il est suffisament stable pour une utilisation réelle J’ai optimisé un peu le code, principalement pour que le code le plus souvent utilisé soit atteint plus rapidement. Un autre grand changement a eu lieu dans la taille du fichier ‘dp.php’ qui est passé […]